Vinod Sariya

Vinod Sariya

The Tea Trap Cafe
The Tea Trap Cafe is a innovative new cafe established in 2021.Our cafe offers a unique experience with a variety of different teas and a relaxed atmosphere.Our location in Geeta Bhawan is perfect for those who want to enjoy a cup of tea and relax..
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+91 -8103619977
61 Greater Tripuri Lalaram Nagar Near St.paul School



yummy vegetable sandwich


Cheese Maggi

A delectable twist to the classic favorite, combining the comforting flavors of Maggi noodles with the creamy indulgence of cheese, creating a delightful and irresistible dish for all ages.



Embrace the soothing charm of tea at our café! With a variety of flavors to choose from, experience a moment of pure relaxation and comfort in every cup. Visit us now

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