Amol Dakshin Davangiri Dosa & Snacks

Amol Rajane

Popular and Delicious and a great spot to enjoy the delicious tastes of South India. We  serve dishes like Dosa, Idli, sambar, and a variety of curries and chutneys.
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Shop No.4, Purva Plaza, Amrutwani Society 849 Sadashiv Peth Shop NO 5 Near Nan Prabodhini School 411030, Jangali Maharaj Rd, Near Jnana Prabodhini School Chaatrapati Sambhaji, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

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Chef's special-Luni Masala Dosa

Thin, crispy rice crepe stuffed with spicy potato filling. Served with coconut chutney & sambar. Chef's special delight!

Chef's special- Noodle Uttapam

A fusion of South Indian uttapam and Chinese noodles. Savory pancake with noodles, veggies, and spices. A Chef's special delight!

Chef's special- Cheese Paneer Peri- Peri Dosa

Delicious combo of dosa, cheese, paneer (cottage cheese), and spicy peri-peri sauce. Chef's special with a fiery twist!

Chef's special- Onion Uttapam

Loaded with chopped onions and spices. Crispy on the outside, soft inside. Chef's special for a classic delight!

Chef's special - IDLI FRY

Crispy and golden brown fried idli cubes. A tasty twist on a South Indian favorite, served with chutney. Irresistibly delicious!

Chef's special- Cheese Noodle Cut Dosa

A fusion delight! Crispy dosa topped with cheesy noodles. Chef's special, a unique combo of flavors and textures.

Chef's special- Paneer Peri Peri Dosa

Chef's special dosa featuring spicy peri-peri flavored paneer filling. A mouthwatering fusion of South Indian and zesty flavors.

Chef's special- Chocolate Dosa

hin, crispy crepe filled with rich chocolate spread. A delightful treat from the Chef's special menu. Perfect for dessert.

Chef's special- Veg Pulao

Flavorful rice dish loaded with assorted veggies and aromatic spices. Chef's special for a satisfying, wholesome meal.

Chef's special- Idli-vada Sambhar

A classic South Indian combo. Soft, fluffy idlis, crispy vadas served with flavorful, spiced lentil soup (sambar). Chef's special for a traditional and delicious feast.

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