Mali Krishi Seva Kendra: Empowering Farmers since 2002

Nestled in the heart of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, lies a beacon of support for the diligent farming community; Mali Krishi Seva Kendra. Serving the farming community since its inauguration in 2002, it has made a significant mark as a reliable supplier of pesticides, khad (fertilizers), and seeds.

Having its address at 15 Chimanganj Mandi, Ujjain City, Ujjain - 456006, Mali Krishi Seva Kendra has become a cornerstone for farmers in and around Ujjain and even beyond. It has established an indomitable presence in the agricultural sector, thanks to its high-quality, reliable products, and services.

Pesticides are an essential commodity in the agricultural industry today. Improper use or poor quality of pesticides can significantly impact the yield and overall crop health. However, at Mali Krishi Seva Kendra, the supply of premium quality pesticides has gained the trust of scores of farmers over the years. Their supplies ensure maximum pest resistance, thereby increasing yield and healthy crops.

Not all soil is created equal, and hence, different soil types need varying kinds and amounts of fertilizers or 'khad'. Mali Krishi Seva Kendra, with its in-depth knowledge, provides the right type of khad to farmers, creating an environment conducive to robust crop growth. Their khad is of superior quality and promises to deliver results.

Last but not least, seeds are where it all begins. The business has created a reputation for providing the best and most fertile seeds to farmers. These are sourced from reliable vendors and guarantee a great harvest.

In conclusion, Mali Krishi Seva Kendra has been more than a business. It has grown into a symbol of trust, reliability, and quality in the domain of agriculture. Thus, it is no surprise that Mali Krishi Seva Kendra continues to be a preferable option for farmers in Ujjain and beyond. They aim to maintain their excellent services and products to continue being a crucial part of the agricultural sector in Madhya Pradesh.

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