Nikunj Goydani

Nikunj Goydani

D'LXRY By Abhushan Jewellers
D'LXRY By Abhushan Jewelers is the best place in all over India for Luxury Home Decor' & corporate Gifting.. Our Expertise in Gold Foiled & Gold & Silver Plating Artifacts. We give you Luxury in your home.

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Nikunj Goydani


24kt silver plated shivling

Premium silver-plated shivling for divine blessings. Elevate your decor with spirituality. Order now for lasting elegance. 🕉️

24 kt gold foil window of Laxmij idol

Intricate gold foil art on black base, enclosed in acrylic. Embodies wealth & prosperity. Order now!

Gold foil horse statue

Perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room. Get your now and elevate your decor game.

The Greek warrior

Greek warrior on chariot, magnificently detailed timeless art. Exclusive masterpiece. Order now!

Momentz Silver Plated Dry Fruit Basket

Silver Plated Basket for family bonding. Awe your loved ones. Elevate home with Unique Platter. Order now!


Silver plated deity. Divine decor and blessings in one. Order now for auspicious vibes.

Tray and Mounted Bowls

This is precious and unique. A touch of royalty infused with simplicity makes this set of gleaming tray and mounted bowls unique for gifting.

Silver Plated Leaf Platter

This ornate Gold & Silver Plated Leaf Platter features a unique design with exquisite detail. Imitating a leaf, this handcrafted work of art will add to interiors of any home

Momentz Silver Coco Rectangle Box

A premium addition to any collection making this the perfect gift for every occasion. The stunning silver finish adds a festive touch to a piece whose shine will stay for years to come.

Gold Plated Gift Combo Set

Strengthen bonds with precious festive presents. Make loved ones feel cherished with its special touch. Order now!

Momentz Silver Plated Thal with Stand

Created with a keen eye for detail, these creations feature dazzling engravings that inspire awe.

Momentz Silver Plated Dry Fruit Platter

Enhance your living arena atmosphere by adding this luxurious Silver Plated Basket for multipurpose use.

24K Gold Foil Champagne Glasses

Elegant champagne( set of 2) 224k Gold Foil Embedded Champagne flute with accents for a touch of luxury and sophistication.

24K Gold Peacock Wall Frame

Our one of the most Exquisite piece 24k Gold Plating, Peacock Wall frame, To give your space a Luxury piece.

24k Gold Foil Wall Hangings

Our special 24k Gold Foil Wall Hangings... for corporate & Wedding giftings. Order Now.

Bhagavat Gita

Gift your loved ones Our Special Bhagavat Gita... and Add Lessons & meaning to the gift. Order NOw.


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