Riya Godha

Riya Godha

EduSquad Edusquad is a premier coaching center and language institute located in the heart of Indore at 1A Bakhtawar Ram Nagar. we have been committed to providing quality education and spoken English training to our students.
1A,Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore(452018)

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Riya Godha

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Expert Tutoring: 5th-8th Grade, All Subjects EduSquad 1A,Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore(452018)
Expert Tutoring: 5th-8th Grade, All Subjects

Empower your child with comprehensive learning! Join Edusquad, Indore, for expert coaching in all subjects from 5th to 8th grade. Unleash academic excellence with us!

Specialized Spoken English Courses at Edusquad EduSquad 1A,Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore(452018)
Specialized Spoken English Courses At Edusquad

Edusquad's tailored Spoken English courses cater to college students and above, enhancing language skills for academic and professional success. Join us on a journey to effective communication! 🎓🗣️

Quality Coaching for Success EduSquad 1A,Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore(452018)
Quality Coaching For Success

Unlock your potential at Edusquad! Offering English Medium CBSE coaching with small batch sizes, personalized attention, periodic tests, and engaging discussion classes. Elevate your learning experience!

Spoken English EduSquad 1A,Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore(452018)
Spoken English

Whether you're a homemaker looking to refine your conversational abilities or a college student aspiring to excel in communication, our classes provide valuable insights and practical skills to help you articulate thoughts effectively. Join us on this empowering journey to unlock your potential and elevate your spoken English proficiency.

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