Get Glamourous and Skillful at Himani Studio Salon & Academy

Welcome to the world of beauty, glamour, and artistry at Himani Studio Salon & Academy. This chic, upscale makeup, hair, and nail studio salon has been serving the city of Indore with exquisite services and extensive knowledge in the beauty industry since 2016. With a strategic location suiting its high-end clientele, it is conveniently situated at 1001 Khatiwal Tank opposite Dasmesh Gurudwara, Sapna Sangeeta.

At Himani Studio Salon & Academy, their talented team of aestheticians and educators ensure a beautiful transformation of all their clients while also embracing a hands-on approach in educating budding beauty professionals. The salon offers a diverse portfolio of services, making it an ideal retreat for those looking for a comprehensive beauty makeover. From expert makeup application, hair care treatment to intricate nail services, the salon caters to an array of beauty needs.

But what sets Himani Studio Salon & Academy apart from the rest is their bespoke Academy courses. It extends far beyond just being a salon and delves into the realm of beauty education, offering a variety of personal and professional courses and workshops for aspiring makeup artists. These courses are meticulously designed to provide professional beauty training of global standards, blending practical skills with theoretical know-how to groom and build proficient makeup artists.

Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or learn the trade secrets of the beauty industry, Himani Studio Salon & Academy is your ultimate destination. By uniting the world of beauty and education, they curate an environment that’s not only glamorous but is also a continual learning process, aiding every enthusiast in fulfilling their dreams of becoming a successful professional artist in the beauty industry.

So, walk into Himani Studio Salon & Academy today to experience beauty and artistry like never before. After all, beauty is not only skin deep, it’s an art, it’s a passion and here, it's a vocation.

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