Krishnakali Healing

Krishnakali Healing

- By Ritika Sharma (Holistic Counselor) Krishnakali Healing is a tarot and healing service established in 2018. We offer our services to help you find clarity and guidance in your life. Our services are available in globally.
CD-261 , Pitam Pura Delhi, 110034

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Krishnakali Healing

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Reiki healing (Distance) - By Ritika Sharma (Holistic Counselor) CD-261 , Pitam Pura Delhi, 110034
Reiki Healing (Distance)

REIKI is a form of energy healing science originating in Japan. It is intended in promoting potential health benefits include physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here using distance healing technique various parts of life are meant to be healed. Scientific evidences proves its effectiveness of this life force energy. Reiki is recognized by WHO. Ritika Sharma being ISO certified Reiki Master is an effective healer.

Tarot Card Reading - By Ritika Sharma (Holistic Counselor) CD-261 , Pitam Pura Delhi, 110034
Tarot Card Reading

Tarot helps you open your mind to new possibilities, increases your creativity, and can provide validation that you're on the right path. It is based on helping you in making right decision by which you can form better future. It is an indicative science. As getting suitable remedies with guidance helps you overcome the challenges .Ritika has been trained under renowned Tarot readers and being practitioner from past five years get going in your life to better one.

Nutrition and Dietetics - By Ritika Sharma (Holistic Counselor) CD-261 , Pitam Pura Delhi, 110034
Nutrition And Dietetics

Helping you getting right suitable guided remedies through alterations in diet to promote a healthier lifestyle and eating habits. Understand your needs as body needs nutrition more than just a food. Ritika Sharma being globally certified nutritionist from NHCA Singapore helps you overcome health challenges.

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