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Indulge in the best of North Indian flavors at our Punjabi food truck! Try our Chef's Special Rajma Chawal, Amritsari Kulcha, Punjabi Fix Thali, and more. A tasty journey awaits you. Join us for authentic, mouthwatering dishes that'll leave you craving for more! Visit us now.
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Near Swaminarayan Temple Vejalpur Road Jivraj Park Ahmedabad

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Chef's special- Butter Amritsari Naan

Try out our mouthwatering, Extremely delicious Amritsari Naan, Filling and Satisfying meal.

Special- Rajma Chawal

Try our Punjabi style Rajma chawal.. Authentic in Taste, Filling meal served with delicious Taste and served with love.

Punjabi Fix

A delightful Indian meal featuring a variety of flavors in one plate. Enjoy a balanced mix of curries, rice, bread, and dessert. Perfect for a satisfying and authentic taste of Punjab.

Special - Punjabi Parathe

Try out our Special Punjabi Paratha from our Different Fillings like Paneer, Aloo, Gobi, Cheese and more...Fresh and Hot filled with love.

Special - Amritsari Kulcha

A North Indian favorite! Soft, stuffed bread with flavorful fillings like potato or paneer. Served with chutney and yogurt. A crispy, tasty delight from Amritsar! Try now

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Food service Manjit SIngh Near Swaminarayan Temple Vejalpur Road Jivraj Park Ahmedabad
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Amratsari nan with Punjabi lassi


3 plate nan and get tasty lassi free

Amritsari Naan Lassi Free

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