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Party Poppers

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Party poppers is an event management company that offers a wide range of services to make your event a success.From planning to execution, we have you covered.We also offer a wide range of party supplies to make your event a hit.

Our Services

Event Planning HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Event Planning

This involves the initial consultation and strategizing for the event. It includes determining the event objectives, budgeting, developing timelines, and creating an overall event concept.

Venue Selection and Management HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Venue Selection And Management

Event management companies help in finding suitable venues for the event based on the client's requirements and budget. They negotiate contracts, handle logistics, and manage all aspects related to the venue.

Event Design and Theming HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Event Design And Theming

Event managers assist in creating a visually appealing and cohesive event design. They work on the overall event theme, decorations, lighting, stage design, and any other elements necessary to enhance the event's atmosphere.

Vendor Coordination HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Vendor Coordination

Event management companies can handle vendor selection and management. They have a network of trusted suppliers and can assist with contracting and coordinating services such as catering, audiovisual equipment, entertainment, transportation, and more.

Event Marketing and Promotion HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Event Marketing And Promotion

They can help with marketing and promotional activities to create awareness and generate interest in the event. This may include designing and distributing event materials, managing social media campaigns, and coordinating media partnerships.

Budget Management HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
Budget Management

Event management companies help in creating and managing event budgets, tracking expenses, and ensuring the event stays within the allocated budget.

On-site Event Management HARSHAL KOTHARI Indore
On-site Event Management

Event managers are present on-site to ensure smooth execution of the event. They oversee the setup, manage the event flow, coordinate with vendors and staff, handle troubleshooting, and manage any unforeseen circumstances.

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