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Patidar Motors

Discover reliable tires and top-notch farming tools at Patidar Motors, located at 129 Bakhtawar Marg Dhar. Your go-to dealer for quality products and expert advice. Drive and cultivate with confidence, right in the heart of Dhar.
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+91 -9009583123

129 Bakhtawar Marg Dhar

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Tractor Tires

Patidar Motors brings you tough tractor tires for a smooth ride in the fields. Trust in durability and performance for a successful harvest.

Farming Tools

Explore reliable farming tools at Patidar Motors. From plows to harvesters, equip your farm for success with quality tools you can trust.

Tires for Cars

Drive with confidence using Patidar Motors' quality car tires. Experience the road with safety and reliability at your fingertips.

Rotary Tiller

Maximize your farm's efficiency with Patidar Motors' Rotary Tiller. Cultivate soil effortlessly for a bountiful harvest season after season.

Mist Blower

Patidar Motors introduces the Mist Blower – your solution for effective crop protection. Ensure even coverage and healthy harvests with our reliable mist blowers.

Vacuum Precision Planter

Upgrade your planting with Patidar Motors' Vacuum Precision Planter. Get precise and efficient seeding for a successful harvest. Farming made easy.

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