Muthuraman Tewar

Muthuraman Tewar

Ramesh Masala Dosa- Khatiwala Tank
Experience authentic South Indian flavors at your very famous Ramesh Masala Dosa,  Enjoy dosas, idlis, and aromatic curries in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Get all your cravings fulfilled.
31/M, BSNL Quaters, Khatiwala Tank, Near Shivsai Mandir, Manik Bagh Road, Indore


Masala Dosa

Our Special thin, crispy Masala Dosa, A perfect blend of flavors and textures awaits you at our restaurant. Visit us Today.

Luni/Butter Dosa

A crispy dosa with a buttery, spicy potato filling, served with coconut chutney and sambar. A delicious delight at our restaurant! Order Now!

Mixed Veggies Utaapum

Try our Soft and fluffy Uttapum loaded with veggies. Get healthy dishes at very affordable prices. Do visit us today.

Onion Utaapam

Enjoy our Tasty & Delicious Onion Uttapam! served with coconut chutney and sambar.

Idli Sambhar 2Pcs.

Try our Healthy, Nutritious & Delicious Idli Sambar – perfect meal for breakfast or any time of the day! Order Now.

Vada Sambhar 2Pcs.

Try special south Indian dish in a south Indian style... a whole flavorful & our very famous Vada Sambhar. Taste in very bite. Order Now.


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