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Sandeep Patil

Vice President At HDFC Bank

As Vice President at HDFC Bank, I contribute to the success of one of India's premier financial institutions. Based in Mumbai, I bring valuable insights and leadership to our Nation's Financial System.
Mobile Number
+91 -9665949101

Mumbai, India.


Credit Card and Debit card

Unlock convenience with HDFC Bank Credit Cards and Debit Cards. Pay for all your expenses seamlessly, maximizing your financial freedom.

Accounts and Deposit

Discover HDFC Bank's versatile accounts: Savings, Current, Salary, Rural. Accessible via branches, ATMs, and digital banking. Easy money transfers too!

Social Security Schemes

Invest in India's social security schemes (life, accident cover, pension) through HDFC Bank Savings Account.

Life Insurance

Secure your future with HDFC Bank's diverse Life Insurance products: endowment, ULIP, pension, health, and child plans tailored to your needs.

Bonds and Securities

Save on taxes, earn returns, and invest in government bonds conveniently with HDFC Bank. Buy Sec 54EC, 8% Savings Bond, and more.

Our Services

Retail Banking Vice President At HDFC Bank Mumbai, India.
Retail Banking

Providing individuals a wide range of financial products such as savings accounts, loans, and credit cards & more. Accessible through branches, ATMs, online banking, and mobile apps, making it convenient for customers to manage their everyday banking needs.

Home Loan/Mortgages Business Vice President At HDFC Bank Mumbai, India.
Home Loan/Mortgages Business

Our Specialized banking service, designed to help individuals purchase or refinance homes. offering borrowers the funds needed to buy property, with flexible repayment options.

Wholesale/Corporate Banking Vice President At HDFC Bank Mumbai, India.
Wholesale/Corporate Banking

Design to caters to businesses and large institutions. offering customized financial solutions, including loans, cash management, and advisory services which helps facilitating complex financial transactions, manage liquidity, and support corporate growth and operations.

Commercial and Rural Banking Vice President At HDFC Bank Mumbai, India.
Commercial And Rural Banking

Especially made to cater businesses and farmers in non-urban areas, providing tailored financial solutions, including loans, deposit accounts, and agricultural financing, supporting local economies, and agricultural needs & more.

Treasury Vice President At HDFC Bank Mumbai, India.

As a role of custodian, we safeguards the bank's cash, cash's equivalent and investments, overseeing liquidity, interest rate risks, under the compliance with reserve regulations.

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09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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