Hashtag Thali

Hashtag Thali

Thali is a renowned business located in the heart of Borivali West, established in the year 2023. We specialize in serving home-style food with a delectable fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisines.

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Hashtag Thali


Tempting Starters | Thali, Borivali West

Savor the flavors of homemade-style starters at Thali, Borivali West. Crispy Bhindi Kurkure, tangy Chana Kurkure, and more await your taste buds!

Soulful Shorbas | Thali, Borivali West

Warm up your soul with our hearty shorbas at Thali, Borivali West. From protein-packed Dal Shorba to earthy Mushroom Shorba, each sip is a taste of comfort.

Main Course | Thali, Borivali West

Savor authentic Indian flavors at Thali, Borivali West. Enjoy our comforting main course dishes with a touch of home-style goodness.

Breads and Parathas | Thali, Borivali West

Enjoy a variety of freshly prepared breads and parathas at Thali, Borivali West. Taste the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine

Fresh Salads and Crispy Papads

Enhance your meal with our refreshing green salads and crispy papads at Thali, Borivali West. A perfect accompaniment to your main course

Refreshing Beverages | Thali, Borivali West

Quench your thirst with our selection of refreshing drinks at Thali, Borivali West. Choose from popular options like Coke, Thums Up, Sprite, and Sting.

Chinese Soups | Thali, Borivali West

Experience the flavors of China with our hearty soups at Thali, Borivali West. From spicy Manchow to refreshing Lemon Coriander, delight in every sip.

Chinese Starters

Our flavorful Chinese starters at Thali, Borivali West. From crispy Chilly Potato to savory Soya Chilly Dry, enjoy every bite!

Homestyle Unlimited Thali

our Homestyle Unlimited Thali at Thali, Borivali West. Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes in one satisfying meal.

Sweet Treats | Thali, Borivali West

Our delectable desserts at Thali, Borivali West. Enjoy traditional favorites like Gulab Jamun and Desi Ghee Besan Laddu.


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