Vaishnavi Granite & Marble

Vaishnavi Granite & Marble

Ashish Maheshwari
Vaishnavi granite & marbles is a leading provider of granite and marble solutions. Established in 2009, the company has been serving its customers with quality products and services. The company has its own factory in kishangarh and showroom in Indore.
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Vaishnavi Granite & Marble


Blue Pearl Granite

shimmering blue and silver flecks, ideal for elegant countertops. DM for more Information.

Silky Brown Granite

A rich, earthy stone featuring a smooth brown surface with subtle veining, perfect for warm and inviting interiors.

black Markino Granite

A striking dark granite with bold black hues and contrasting white veining, ideal for dramatic and sophisticated designs.

Laveriya Granite

Visit us for our special Collection, We have every type of marbles and granite for every corner of your house.

River Brown Granite

A beautiful natural stone with warm brown tones, featuring gentle veining reminiscent of flowing river patterns, perfect for elegant interiors.

Alaska Golden Marble

A stunning marble with a golden background and delicate veining, radiating warmth and luxury in interior applications.

Alaska White

A pristine natural stone with an icy white background and subtle gray and beige veining, perfect for a clean and elegant aesthetic.

Baroda green marble

An exquisite green marble with varying shades of green and white veining, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space.


A pristine and elegant natural stone with a snowy white background accented by subtle gray and black veining, perfect for timeless interiors.

Udisa black

Its very cheap rate Granite in south black with good quality.


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