Adinath Poly Plast Private Limited
Vikas Pandey

Vikas Pandey

Adinath Poly Plast Private Limited

We, Adinath Poly Plast, commenced our functioning in the year 2016, as a manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and distributor of this impeccable range of Polycarbonate Sheet.

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V-Lite Polycarbonate Standing seam Panels

For Domestic, Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Uses with premium quality. Call Today for more Information.

Turbo Ventilator

Our special cost effective, Light weight and weather proof. Call for more details.

V-Lite Polycarbonate Dome

With best features and techniques.. Call us for more information.

Solid Compact Sheet

Applicable for all home, Industrial, Commercial uses. We don't compromise in quality. Call Today!

V-Lite Polycarbonate Louvers

Order today.!!! Please contact for more Information.

Polycarbonate Prism Sheet

Transparent, lightweight, UV-resistant. Ideal for light diffusion, signage, and architectural projects. Order now!

V-Lite Polycarbonate Pyramid

Sturdy, transparent structure for architectural elegance. Exceptional light diffusion for modern design. Order Now!

V-Lite Corrugated Base-Plate

Strong support with corrugated design for stability. Call or text for more Information.

A Grade Cast Acrylic Sheet

Perfect for displays, signage, and DIY projects that demand top-notch quality.

V-Lite Polycarbonate Multi-wall sheet

Ultra-light, insulating, impact-resistant. Ideal for roofing, glazing, and energy-efficient structures.

V-Lite Raindrop Sheet

Innovative textured design for privacy and aesthetics. Perfect for stylish partitions, windows, and visual intrigue. Order Today!

V-Lite Corrugated Profile Sheet

Ideal for roofing, fencing, and industrial applications in premium quality.

V-Lite Polycarbonate Diamond Roll

Flexible and visually striking. Adds a unique diamond pattern to interiors, displays, and artistic projects. Order Today!

Polystyrene Sheet

Lightweight, rigid, and cost-effective. Great for insulation, crafts, and packaging solutions. Easy to cut and shape. Contact for more information.

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Maintenance Services Adinath Poly Plast Private Limited Dewas Naka, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
Maintenance Services

We offer our clients maintenance service at the most reasonable rate.

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