Discover the Authentic Flavor of Pune at Lakadi Ghana

Pune, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and varied culinary palette, has a gem nestled within its core - Lakadi Ghana. Located in the bustling Tambe chowk, near Rasmithaas, on Kalewadi Rahatni Road, Lakadi Ghana is a treasure trove for food lovers, especially those who appreciate traditional Indian flavors.

Lakadi Ghana offers a wide array of products, each with its unique taste and preparation technique. An all-time favorite is the Kansya Thali Foot Massage. This specialty service uniquely combines the relaxing techniques of foot massage with the traditional kansya thali, offering customers an experience that rejuvenates both body and soul.

However, what truly sets Lakadi Ghana apart is its diverse range of food items. If you're in the mood for a crispy snack, Keli Chips is a great pick. These chips bring the decadent flavor of ripe bananas, fried to a perfect crisp, offering a mix of sweet and savory flavors that are hard to resist. Pair this with a selection of Khandeshi Masale or Nachani Papad, and you've got yourself a flavorsome, high-energy snack.

Papad lovers have an array of options, including Tandul Papad, Maka Papad, and Udid Papad, each renowned for their distinctive texture and taste. The taste of these papads, traditionally sun-dried, is a testament to the culinary richness of Pune.

Culinary gems like Bibadya, Shevaya, and Kurdai should not be missed. These local delicacies beautifully capture the traditional Pune flavor and are perfect for satisfying mid-day cravings.

If you love adding heat to your meals, Lakadi Ghana's Mirchi Powder is a must-have. Alternatively, you can opt for Dhana Powder and Halad Powder that adds a warm, earthy flavor to any dish.

End your food journey at Lakadi Ghana with Gir Gay Ghee. This traditionally prepared ghee, made from the milk of the indigenous Gir Cow, is immensely nutritious and lends an authentic taste to traditional Indian sweets and everyday dishes.

Lakadi Ghana stands as a proud symbol of Pune's diverse culinary heritage. From the native masalas to traditional snacks and health products, this establishment offers an immaculate taste of the city's food culture, keeping the traditions alive in every bite. Visit them at Tambe chowk, near Rasmithaas, on Kalewadi Rahatni Road, Pune 411017, to enjoy this culinary journey.

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