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Maza Gaon
Lakadi Ghana oil :Kansya Thali foot massage:Lakadi Ghana Tel:Keli Chips:Khandeshi Masale:Nachani Papad:Tandul Papad:Maka Papad:Udid Papad:Bibadya:Shevaya:Kurdai:Mirchi Powder:Dhana Powder:Halad Powder:Gir Gay Ghee
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Tambe Chowk Near Rasmithaas, Kalewadi Rahatni Road .pune 411017

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Maza Gaon


Lakadi ghana oil

Lakadi Ghana Oil available in affordable prices and premium quality. DM to Order Now

Gir Gay Ghee

Best Gir Gay Ghee available known for its rich flavor and purity. Perfect for cooking and adding a delicious, buttery taste to your dishes. DM to order

Kela Chips(Banana CHips)

Enjoy crunchy texture and delicious flavor Khandesi Kela Chips, as tasty on-the-go snack or crunchy topping for your favorite dishes.


Khandeshi Masale available to comple your masale DIbba with wholesome flavors. Pure Quality and affordable prices. contact now.

Udad Papad

Udad Papad crunchy, Delicious and Tasty snack available DM to order.

Groundnut oil

This oil has zero cholesterol , low quantity of fats. wood pressed groundnut oil reduces cholesterol deposits in the body.

Sunflower Oil

Cold Pressed Oil , Cooking Oil

Safflower Oil

Cold Pressed, Oil Lowers Cholesterol Fights Inflammation

Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Oil in a Wooden Lakdi Ghana, Cooking Oil

Mustard Oil

Cold Pressed Oil, Cooking Oil

Sesame Oil

Cold Pressed Oil, Cooking Oil,also useful for body massage

Castor Oil

The best castor seeds are chosen, and our cold-pressed castor oil is extracted without the use of hexane in order to protect the botanical actives and maintain the highest grade.

Almond Oil

Annapurna Lakdi Ghana Almond Oil Rich in Vitamin-E for Healthy Hair & Skin Sharpens Brain Improves Digestion Extracted from Almonds off

Organic Jaggery

Organic Jaggery (Gul) is a natural, * Improves Hemoglobin Level.. * Prevents Minerals Deficiency * Boosts Immunity * Prevents Digestive Disorders * Purifies Blood ..

Nachni papad/Raggi Papad

They are rich in antioxidants, fibres and nutrients . Nutritional benefits of Nachni: Nachni has a high content of protein. It is an extremely good source of iron and calcium

Turmuric/ हळद पावडर

Cooking powder,Turmeric is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and other antioxidants that may reduce your risk of serious health conditions . Turmeric is also an excellent source of: Manganese. Iron

Our Service

Kansya Thali Foot Massage Maza Gaon Tambe Chowk  Near Rasmithaas, Kalewadi Rahatni Road  .pune 411017
Kansya Thali Foot Massage

Best massage for your foot to forget all your pain and stress. Book your our special Kansya Thali Foot Massage.

Foot n Thigh Massage Maza Gaon Tambe Chowk  Near Rasmithaas, Kalewadi Rahatni Road  .pune 411017
Foot N Thigh Massage

• Massages Foot, Ankle, Calf, Knee & Thighs • Helps Relieve Pain & Relaxes Muscles • Comfortable Airbag Massage with Heat • Adjustable to Any Foot Size • Upper Part Adjustable : Use for Knees & Thighs


Festival Offer

Buy 5 lit Oil & Get Oil Dispenser Free

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