Payal Singh

Payal Singh

Precious Payal Jewellery
Precious Payal Jewellery is a premier artificial jewellery store based in the heart of New Dehli, in L-1st 1230, 29/5 Sangam Vihar. We pride ourselves in offering an extensive collection of beautifully crafted bangles and exquisite artificial jewellery.
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+91 -9318474542
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+91 -8527286067
L-1st 1230,29/5 Sangam Vihar New Dehli

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Payal Singh


Customized Bangle Sets

At Precious Payal Jewellery, New Delhi, we specialize in customized bangle sets. Tailored to your taste, our sets blend elegance with personal flair, making every occasion truly memorable.

Elegant Metal Glossy Bangle

Experience sophistication with Precious Payal Jewellery's Metal Glossy Finished Bangle. Expertly crafted in New Delhi, this piece captures timeless elegance and radiant charm.

Glass Bangle Set

At Precious Payal Jewellery, New Delhi, explore our Glass Bangle Set. Delicately crafted, each piece exudes elegance, adding a vibrant and unique touch to your ensemble

Elegant Necklace Set

Visit Precious Payal Jewellery in New Delhi for our exquisite Necklace Set. Crafted with care, this set radiates timeless elegance, complementing your style effortlessly.

Crystal Necklace

Elevate your look with Precious Payal Jewellery's White Crystal Necklace. Expertly designed in New Delhi, it radiates elegance and sophistication, perfect for any occasion.

Gold-Plated Kundan Stone Necklace Set

Experience opulence with Precious Payal Jewellery's Gold-Plated Kundan Stone Necklace Set. Crafted in New Delhi, it blends traditional charm with modern elegance, elevating your ensemble.

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Precious Payal Jwellery- Here Are My UPI Details Name - Mahender Singh UPI Handle - 9318474542@paytm
Precious payal jwellery- Here are my UPI details Name - Mahender Singh UPI Handle - 9318474542@paytm

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