Vedant Dairy

Vedant Dairy

Vedant Dairy Vedant Dairy is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of paneer and dairy products in Maharashtra, with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The company was established in 2013, and since then has built a reputation for providing high-quality products and services.

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Vedant Dairy

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Milk Marvel Vedant Dairy Pune
Milk Marvel

The Journey begins with carefully sourced milk, brimming with the goodness of pastures and care of farmers. Standardized to optimal fat content, it becomes the canvas for our paneer masterpiece.

The Calcic Embrace Vedant Dairy Pune
The Calcic Embrace

A touch of magic, in the form of a natural coagulant like citric acid or calcium chloride, awakens the milk proteins. Imagine them gently linking, forming a delicate web that captures the milky essence.

Heat's Gentle Kiss Vedant Dairy Pune
Heat's Gentle Kiss

Nurturing warmth guides the separation of whey, the liquid treasure, from the curdled milk solids. The temperature dance is crucial, ensuring a perfect texture for our paneer to come.

Whey Farewell Vedant Dairy Pune
Whey Farewell

Through muslin filters, the whey bids adieu, leaving behind a pristine white mass of curds, ready to be sculpted.

Pressure for Perfection Vedant Dairy Pune
Pressure For Perfection

Gentle yet firm pressure, applied by sophisticated machines or age-old muslin bags, shapes the curds into smooth, firm blocks of paneer. This final act defines its bite and texture.

Cooling Oasis Vedant Dairy Pune
Cooling Oasis

A refreshing bath, chilled and pristine, awaits the newly born paneer. This cools it down, preserving its freshness and setting the stage for its culinary adventures.

Packeging & Journey Vedant Dairy Pune
Packeging & Journey

Dressed in hygienic, protective packaging, the paneer embarks on its journey. From supermarket shelves to restaurant kitchens, it's ready to be the star of countless vegetarian delights.

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