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Worlds 1st FMCG co. brand Dawn Lee featuring food products, health elixirs. Empowering 18th Century Ayurveda Food Culture, holistic wellness.

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🌟 Franchise Opportunities with Exciting Investment Revisions! 🌟 🤝 When you partner with us, you get full support in various aspects, including: Digital marketing assistance Free product samples Ayurveda doctor consultations for customers Local orders facilitation HORECA business support IT sector caffeine-free promotions ... and many more ways! 📞 Contact us at 7425077481 to discuss further...

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ग्रहणीयो के लिए मौका है घर बैठे आमदनी का और देश के एक अभिनव स्टार्टअप से जुड़ने का जो हेल्थी नेचुरल और ऑर्गेनिक फूड श्रृंखला में कार्यरत कर रहा है| स्वयं के परिवार को भी स्वस्थ रखिए और घर बैठे सोसाइटी के स्वस्थ रक्षक बनकर आमदनी बढ़ाइए|

Free Ayurveda Consultation Dawn Lee By Jain Roots
Free Ayurveda Consultation

Welcome to our “Food as medicine” mission, where our dedicated team of Ayurveda Doctors and Researchers work seamlessly. During your consultation, you’ll gain valuable insights into: ↳ How to Choose Healthy and Natural food products ↳ Food Ingredients and their effects on your body Our comprehensive approach addresses the key factors responsible for diseases, including: ↳ Lifestyle ↳ Food choices ↳ Drinks consumption ↳ Ideal quantity of food

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